LPT: Licensed Penetration Tester

EC-Council’s Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) certification is a natural evolution and extended value addition to its series of security related professional certifications. The LPT standardizes the knowledge base for penetration testing professionals by incorporating best practices followed by experienced experts in the field.

The objective of the LPT is to ensure that each professional licensed by EC-Council follows a strict code of ethics, is exposed to the best practices in the domain of penetration testing course and aware of all the compliance requirements required by the industry.

Unlike a normal security certification, the LPT is a program which trains security professionals to analyze the security posture of a network exhaustively and recommend corrective measures authoritatively. EC-Council's license vouches for their professionalism and expertise thereby making these professionals more sought after by organizations and consulting firms globally.


  • EC-Council's prestigious endorsement as a licensed penetration testing professional, allowing successful candidates to practise penetration testing and consulting internationally.
  • Industry acceptance as a legal and ethical security professional.
  • Access to proprietary EC-Council software, templates and penetration testing methodologies.
  • License to practice and conduct security testing in organizations accredited by EC-Council.


  1. Achieve the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification. (Attach a copy of your CEH certificate and score transcript with application)
  2. Achieve the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) certification. (Attach a copy of your ECSA/LPT and score transcript certificate with application)
  3. Applicants must have a valid EC-Council Continuing Education account and ensure that their EC-Council certifications are current and in good standing. To access the ECE Portal, please click here.
  4. Fill up and submit the LPT Application/Recommendation form and agree to EC-Council Code of Ethics.
  5. Remit the required license fee payment of USD500. The License is valid for two years. For subsequent renewals, you will need to pay USD250 per annual renewal. You can pay via http://eccouncil.org/orders.htm
  6. Provide documentation on criminal background check, or an authentication from an investigation agency absolving a criminal history. Click here for police verification in your country.
  7. Alternatively, candidates may sign a Declaration of No Criminal Convictions should they not be able to provide the required documentation as stated in Criteria 5 above. Kindly write in to certhelpdesk@eccouncil.org for the declaration.
  8. Submit a detailed resume/C.V. detailing professional experience, previous certification/certificates held and character referees
  9. Please note that processing time will take between 2-4 weeks after all requirements above are submitted by the applicant.
  10. Mail the application form and required documents to EC-Council Certification Department lpt@eccouncil.org